Theatre workshops will begin with focused warm-ups, and progress to the introduction of concepts, followed by a selection of studies and experiments to be explored individually and in small groups under our direction. Participants will work to create short compositional studies in order to delve deeply into the implications of an idea and its context through actual experience with its challenges and promises. We will move back and forth between explanations of concepts and practical work on studies and experiments. Outcomes from each day’s work will be observed, discussed and extended through suggestions  in order to distill the ideas’ implications for form and performance in theatre. Relevant significant short readings will be handed out and used for background reference.

We invent techniques that make form manifest in the finished performance works. For example, in a workshop we might explain and demonstrate the possibilities of “pivoting” “pivot-montage” and “counter-intuitive behavior,” and show how the compositional twists of “3-D time and 1-D space” and the idea of “depth of a moment” create paradox through composing an otherwise missing dimension in performance. New techniques, the reasons for making them, their social ramifications, and what they contribute to experimentation in art are the subjects of our workshops.

Current Engagements

Currently we are hosted at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts of the University of Illinois as artists-in-residence in a creative residency, ongoing, for the development of a full-length piece “Folding Time: the origami of the everyday”.

Past years Artists-In-Residence at Daehangno Small Theatre Festival (D.FESTA), through the Korea Small Theatre Association, Korean Arts Council and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. This includes performances in Seoul and two other cities, as well as master-classes and workshops for professional actors, and at universities.
November-December, 2014, and continuing project for fall, 2015

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Discussion Q and A after a performance demonstration of 'napse and Still/Pulse by Lisa Fay at The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington, 2017

INTERVIEW for ARTS COUNCIL KOREA, December 2014 conducted by YU JIN-GYU,
Director of the Chuncheon International Mime Festival
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